A Hindu wedding and reception

I was so excited when a good friend commissioned me to photograph and paint from the wedding of her son and his beautiful bride. I had never been to a traditional Hindu wedding or reception. It was utterly spectacular in every way. I took hundreds of pictures. I could not choose just one, so I painted two images, one from the ceremony and one of the first dance. The couple changed clothing in between the ceremony and reception. A feast for an artist! The paintings were challenging. Getting all of the detail while maintaining the gesture and overall feeling of the celebration required much editing and color mixing. I was thrilled with the outcome of both pieces, as were the couple and the parents of the groom. It is so rewarding to be part of a surprise wedding gift.

Jack and Swara Dance.jpg

Another iphone wedding photo

Another student's wedding, this time, both of our former students in art and theatre. A beautiful day, at a setting in the North Shore. I ran around like crazy, trying to get the perfect shot. I had decided that I wanted to try and make this thing happen, start something with these wedding paintings.  Therefore, I needed some examples. Well, what a gorgeous couple and on a spectacularly sunny afternoon.

I was stuck on this one for a while until I decided that it was best to just leave the background loose and impressionistic. A few strokes of paint and the right colors could not only tell a story but create the time and, more importantly, the mood of the day. This one made me happy and I actually had a wedding present after it was finished.

Thais and Luke at Rockport Golf Club, Rockport, MA

Thais and Luke at Rockport Golf Club, Rockport, MA

My first blog post

I started First Dance by surprise. I was at a beautiful wedding. My husband, Norm and I teach at a lovely college north of Boston, Gordon College. Norm, as a full time theatre professor becomes very close to many of his students and therefore, we often get invited to weddings,  (which I love to do).

I took some pictures with my iphone while at the reception. Back in my studio, on one of my focused painting days after working hours on my "gallery" paintings, I was exhausted and restless but did not want to stop for the day.

I pulled up some pictures from my computer and landed on one of the wedding paintings. I used the photo as a reference for this little impressionist painting sketch and I was on my way.

"Marie and Carl" at Willowdale Estate in Topsfield, MA

"Marie and Carl" at Willowdale Estate in Topsfield, MA

gallery paintings are at www.jeansbarrajones.com